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join-caarr-todayAt this time, we are inviting anyone who is interested in the field of recovery and rehabilitation to join our organization. This will give you direct access to our lobbyist, updates on legislation that will affect us, and those opposed to having legal and equitable housing opportunities for people in recovery that have been moving across our state from Newport Beach to Marin. We are an organization with more than 30 years of experience; and one that will stand up for the rights of the recovery community at large.

With your participation, we can be the one organization in California that can be the change so desperately needed to simply hold our politicians accountable for laws and statutes already in existence and to be sure that any proposed legislation is not in violation of the rights of those in recovery from addiction.

Membership Perks

  • Your program's website listed in the CAARR online directory
  • Technical Assitance and Support
  • Advocacy
  • Training discounts
  • Sober Living Registration discounts
  • Resource discounts

More Letters of Support Needed for Drug and Alcohol Counselor Licensure Legislation

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CAADAC/CAARR-sponsored legislation Senate Bill 570 (DeSaulnier) will create a license for AOD counselors so that they will be recognized as a resource for providing services under the Affordable Care Act. The license will be mandatory for anyone operating a private practice. This legislation will address the unregulated market of AOD services in private practice. Finally, every counselor in California providing AOD services will be required to be licensed or certified to work in California.

We need your help. We need as many letters as possible from individuals that support drug and alcohol counselors being licensed in the state of California. You don't have to be a drug and alcohol counselor to write a letter. Anyone can write a letter that supports this effort and it only takes two minutes. To send a letter, click the take action link.

Please pass this on to as many people as possible. To send a letter of support from a school, business, agency or program, please visit CAADAC and CAARR's S.B. 570 program support letter page here. To view the bill in its entirety, click here.

Registration and Orientation

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ccco-logoBeginning March 1, 2014, prior to registering with a certifying organization a person shall complete a nine-hour orientation course consisting of three hours each of ethics, professional boundaries, and confidentiality

Each certifying organization shall require pre-registrants to take the orientation course from an approved education provider.


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On the CAS billing there seems to be confusion
regarding the various
pro-rated fees that are on the renewal forms.

If you were certified PRIOR TO 2012
you pay your normal fee and CEU requirement.

The pro-rated fees are for those individuals
that have taken our new online exam.